"deep winter"

"even deep"

"new shadows"

"my dog..."

"new coolness"

"more sky"

"this spring"

"first light"

"mother's hands"

"morning after rain . . ."

"the second hand's . . ."

"blue skies"

"at the speed"


"falling through"

"shattered by . .. "

"crabapple stump"

"sculpture park"

"old shed roof"

"this hollow night . . . "

"midnight snow"


"whats left"

"squash blossoms"

"waiting for news"

"roof repairs . . . "

"spring haze"

"breaking through . . ."

"morning snow"

"through eyes of rain . . . "

"each hair"

"mourning doves . . . "

"downspouts louder"

"today's lists"

"cold moon"

"deep autumn"

"years end" (scroll down)

"deep winter"

"this thought"

"worm moon"

"softer skies"

"deep autumn"

"fresh tear"

"their cries"

"berry picking"

"gray light"

"first breath..."

"worm moon"

"a small dog"

"frost stars"

"harvest moon"

"splitting the cold bright . . . "

"January night"

"deep winter miracle . . . "

'back porch light"




"wasn't tired"

"first light"

"early thaw"

"first flakes"

“slow rain” 

“the quiet” 

“the geese”

(This is issue # 4.1. Find these 3 haiku on p. 117 of the electronic magazine.)

"so loud"


3 haiku in World Haiku Review April 2012, "warm breeze", "late snow", and "hazy moon"

1 haiku in World Haiku Review April 2012, "sun at last"

"no world"

"winter solstice"

"ghost of"

"the almost"

"rising" (with haiga by Ron Moss at bottom of page)

"snowy juniper"

"lavender spikes", "spent peony", & "longest day" (scroll down)

"top down day"

"planting marigolds"

"years end"

"more space"

"Earth Day" (scifaiku)

"the wind chimes"

"near sunrise"

"morning fog"

"January thaw"

"the snow"

"midwinter night"

"each needle"

"gray morning"

"blue years eve and cold haze"

"Titan missile silo"

"long rain ends & last quarter"

"gray light"

4 haiku in August 2010 World Haiku Review (scroll down to Neo-Classic Haiku of Merit)


3 haiku at Notes From the Gean #5

"smoke drifts"

"all summer" and "wood smoke . . ."

"snow all night"

"squad car"

Five haiku in the December 2009 issue of Notes From the Gean

7 raven haiku on the Haiku Foundation's Montage -- "Halloween Masque"

"this sky"

"closing my eyes"

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