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Spectral Realms #13

Spectral Realms #13, ed. S.T. Joshi, Hippocampus Press


I have two poems -- "Among the Petroglyphs" & "Red Land, Black Pharaoh" -- in this latest issue of  Hippocampus Press's semiannual journal of weird & dark verse.  140 pp., trade paperback, color cover by Daniel V. Sauer. 

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Spectral Realms #13

Weirdbook #43, ed. Doug Draa, Wildside Press LLC


I've got one poem -- "Dark Rift" -- in this time-honored journal of weird fiction & poetry. The TOC features work by Franklyn Searight, Darrell Schweitzer, Ashley Dioses, Chad Hensley, & many others . .  .including one of Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.'s final tales.   183 pp., trade paperback, color cover by Fotolia, interiors by Allen Koszowski.

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Weirdbook #43

Haiku 2020, ed. Scott Metz & Lee Gurga, Modern Haiku Press


I am really honored to be among the 100 haiku poets selected for this retrospective of haiku from 2019.  Small-format trade paperback, unpaginated, color cover by Masako Metz.

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Haiku 2020

The Alchemy of Stars II, ed. by Sandra J. Lindow


This showcase of Rhysling & Dwarf Stars Award winners  2005-2018 includes both my Rhysling-winning poems: "To Theia" (2010, Short Form) and "Keziah" (2016, Long Form).  115 pp., trade paperback, color cover.


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The Alchemy of Stars II

Wind Flowers

The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2019

ed. by Jim Kacian & the Red Moon editorial staff


This annual anthology includes 151 haiku & senryu -- one of them mine -- plus 20 linked forms and 4 essays.  190 pp., trade paperback, color cover.

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Wind Flowers

Best of Black Wings

Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, ed. by S.T. Joshi


This distillation of "most representative" stories from the Black Wings anthology series includes my Cassie Barrett Mythos investigation tale, "Night of the Piper."  395 pp., trade paperback, color cover by Jason Van Hollander.


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PS Publishing



Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #40 

My Robert E. Howard (& cosmic horror) -- inspired sestina, "Children of the Stone,"  appears in the 40th issue of this venerable online fantasy publication.  I'm the only poet in this issue, but very happy to be sharing virtual space with fiction writers Howard Andrew Jones, Adrian Cole, Martha Wells, & Caleb Williams.


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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Read Quick Sip Reviews' discussion of this issue here:

Quick Sip Reviews

Read Tangent Online's review of this issue's fiction here:

Read Tangent Online's review

Weirdbook Annual #2 : Cthulhu


My Lovecraftian sestina "A Wizard's Daughter" appears in the second annual (rebooted)  issue of this venerable horror publication.  The TOC this time around includes poetry & fiction by Robert M. Price, Lucy A. Snyder, Franklyn Searight, Darrell Schweitzer, Charles Lovecraft, K.A. Opperman, Ashley Dioses, & many others.


147 pp. perfect-bound journal, Kindle edition also available. For full TOC or to order:

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Weirdbook Magazine

At Wildside Press

What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration of Halloween

Now available in paperback & Kindle editions from Celaeno Press. Edited by
Douglas Draa.

This 17 story (plus one poem from HPL himself) Halloween-themed anthology features Lovecraftian work by such notables as Darrell Schweitzer, Storm Constantine, Cody Goodfellow, Nancy Holder, John Shirley, Lucy A. Snyder, & others. My Innsmouth tale "Inheritance" appears here for the first time.

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HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. V

Now available in paperback & Kindle editions . Edited by Stephanie M. Wytovich.

This 5th volume of HWA's annual contest anthology is nearly 100 pp. long, with previously unpublished dark work by many of the organization's members. My own sonnet "The Dead in Spring" appears here.

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Black Wings VI: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror

(possibly the final volume of this well-regarded anthology series) is now available from PS Publishing.

Edited by S.T. Joshi, this volume includes twenty-two stories and poems -- including "Pothunters," my most recent Cassie Barrett investigation. For more information, or to order:

Black Wings VI

Spectral Realms No. 8 (Winter 2018)

This latest issue of the elegant Hippocampus Press journal of weird verse (ed. by S.T. Joshi) offers 133 pp. of work by many new & established poets in this field, two classic reprints, and two reviews of recent collections.

My blank verse "sonnet," Volunteers," appears here for the first time.

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Spectral Realms No. 8

"Dead Canyons" on Tales to Terrify

My Lovecraftian cosmic horror story, "Dead Canyons," is now up on the District of Wonders podcast Tales to Terrify (#312). It is read by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis.

"Dead Canyons" originally appeared in Cthulhu Fhtagn! (Word Horde, 2015). It received an Honorable Mention in Best Horror of the Year #8.
Find it here:

"Dead Canyons" on Tales to Terrify

Weird Fiction Review #8

I have a new poem, " The Mechanism," in the latest issue of Weird Fiction Review from Centipede Press. This is issue #8 -- 391 pages! -- with eleven tales, thirteen essays and interviews, and nine poems.

Edited (as usual) by independent Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi, #8 is an homage to the classic magazine Weird Tales. The production values of this sewn trade paperback annual are first-rate, and include several sections in color plus a full-color cover.
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Autumn Cthulhu

Autumn Cthulhu (edited by Mike Davis) is now available from Lovecraft eZine Press.

406 pp., 19 tales & poems-including my sonnet "Lavinia in Autumn" -- celebrating the Lovecraftian side of the season. Available in print or Kindle format.

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Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast edited by Scott David Aniolowski, is now available from Chaosium in Kindle format. Paperback version available soon. New tales & poems of lycanthropy, including my poetic take on "The Vestals."



Cassilda's Song

Editor Joe Pulver's groundbreaking anthology of Robert W. Chambers-inspired tales by an all-women lineup is out now from Chaosium. I'm proud to have a tale of mine --
"Dancing the Mask" - included in this King in Yellow spectacular. Available in both paperback & Kindle formats.
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Review of Cassilda's Song on Dreamcatcher

Weird Fiction Review #6

I have two new poems "The Language of Forgotten Gods" & "Mercurial Musings" in this latest issue. This trade paperback annual from Centipede Press just keeps on growing every year (375 pp.!). Edited by S.T. Joshi, it features a full-color artwork gallery, interviews with Clive Barker & T.E.D. Klein, and a wide selection of essays, fiction, & poetry.
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She Walks In Shadows
(eds. Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles), an all-woman celebration of Lovecraftian writing & art, is available now from Innsmouth Free Press.

This anthology features a diverse international group of writers, plus twelve mind-blasting illustrations. My sestina "Ammutseba Rising " appears as the only poem.

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Reviews for She Walks in Shadows


Smart Bitches Trashy Books


Mad Scientist Journal

Weirdbook #31
I have a cosmic horror poem, "The City in the Sands," in the historic relaunch of Weirdbook. Weirdbook #31 (ed. by Doug Draa) offers 160 pp. of darkly fantastic prose & poetry, in a nicely produced trade paperback format.

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My second collection of (mostly) Lovecraftian fiction, Dark Equinox & Other Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, is out now from Hippocampus Press. This collection includes sixteen stories (four previously unpublished), with Southwestern cover art by Lyndsay Harper.
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Review of Dark Equinox on Lovecraft eZine

Cthulhu Fhtagn!

(ed. Ross E. Lockhart) is available now from Word Horde, independent booksellers, & online retailers. This Lovecraft-inspired anthology contains my Mars-themed tale "Dead Canyons," set in Boulder, CO.
Signed copies can be ordered direct from Word Horde.
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Dark Energies

Dark Energies, my most recent collection of weird verse, is out now from Australia's P'rea Press. It's 100+ pages of Lovecraftian, cosmic, archaeological, historical, & just plain weird darkness, featuring a brand-new sonnet sequence for Keziah Mason.
Preface & afterword are by S.T, Joshi and Robert M. Price, respectively. There is also a short interview with me, done by editor Charles Lovecraft. Full-color cover and interior black & white illustrations are by David Schembri.
Dark Energies is currently available in both paperback & hardback formats, with an ebook edition coming soon. For more information, or to order:

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Dark Energies is a Bram Stoker Award Finalist for 2015!

Dark Energies wins 3rd place in the Science Fiction Poetry Association's 2016 Elgin Awards

Amazon customer review!

Review of Dark Energies (with 4 audio poems) on Amazing Stories site

Review of Dark Energies at The Tomb of Dark Delights

2 reviews of Dark Energies on the SFPA website

Review of Dark Energies at Nameless Digest

Black Wings IV (PS Publishing, February 2015) is available now. Edited by S.T. Joshi, this latest in a series of excellent Lovecraftian anthologies contains "Night of the Piper," my first new Cassie Barrett tale to appear in several years.

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The Starry Wisdom Library

(ed. Nate Pederson) is now available from PS Publishing. Billed as "the catalogue of the greatest occult book auction of all time," this facsimile edition includes essays on many of the most notorious books in the Lovecraftian Mythos-including one on Robert Bloch's Black Rites, contributed by me.

Hippocampus Press

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I have two new poems, "Frost Ghosts" & "Fatal Constellations,' in The Weird Fiction Review #5 (listed as Fall 2014). This trade paperback annual keeps getting bigger every year - this one just topped 300 pages! #5 includes a full-color artist portfolio by Travis Louie, plus fiction, articles / interviews, poetry, & columns. Edited by S.T. Joshi, available now from Centipede Press.

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I have two new  poems, "Eating Mummy" & "Desert Nocturne," in The Weird Fiction Review  #4 (listed as Fall 2013).  This trade paperback annual   -- over 270 pages! -- includes an 8 page full-color artist portfolio by Bob Eggleton, plus fiction, articles, poetry, & reviews.  Edited by S.T. Joshi, available now from Centipede Press.

The Weird Fiction Review #4

Tales of Jack the Ripper

I have two reprint poems in Tales of Jack the Ripper (Word Horde Press), edited by Ross Lockhart of Book of Cthulhu fame.

The official release date is August 31, 2013, but copies (print and e-book) are now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

For more details  including TOC and a book trailer  check the Word Horde web site

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Fungi #21

 My short fiction piece, “Her Beloved Son,” appears in the 30th anniversary issue of Pierre Comtois’ legendary Lovecraftian magazine, Fungi.   Fungi #21 offers more than 400 pages of fiction & nonfiction, & is fully illustrated.

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Dreams of Fear

My Lovecraftian poem “The Coming of Chaos” will be reprinted in Dreams of Fear,  edited by S. T. Joshi and Steven J. Mariconda (Hippocampus Press 2013).

Hippocampus Press

For the complete table of contents & more information on this "anthology of all things mycotic":

Twisted in Dream: The Collected Weird Poetry of Ann K. Schwader

December  2011 by Hippocampus Press.

Edited by S.T. Joshi, with a Foreword by Robert M. Price. Photomontage cover by Loretta Young-Gautier, plus interior illos by Steve Lines. 204 pp., trade paperback.

For orders or more information

Innsmouth Free Press review

Lovecraft eZine review

2010 Bram Stoker Award Nominee

My dark SF poetry collection, Wild Hunt of the Stars, is now available from Sam’s Dot  Publishing.

Sams Dot Publishing.

Ebook (multiple formats) now available at Smashwords

This collection includes fifty poems, with color cover and black & white interior illustrations by noted speculative artist Marge Simon.

Review at The Tomb of Dark Delights (scroll down)

My Lovecraftian Mythos story "Objects From the Gilman-Waite Collection" has been reprinted in Cthulhu's Creatures (ed. by Steve Lines & John B. Ford), JnJ Publishing/Rainfall Books.

This trade paperback of Mythos fiction and poetry is available from or Rainfall Books

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